AGUA is a non-profit organization established by a group of well users.  A Board elected by the shareholders operates the association.  Its goals are to provide augmentation water, through lease or purchase, to replace out of priority depletions, tributary to the Arkansas, to usable stateline flows and senior surface water rights on the Arkansas and on Fountain Creek.  Wells and well permits (including springs) that were decreed and permitted for irrigation, commercial, industrial, municipal, etc., must be augmented to replace the water they consume according to the Amended Rules and Regulations Governing the Diversion and Use of Tributary Ground Water in the Arkansas River Basin, Colorado (July 1, 1996, the "Amended Rules").  The Association Board meetings are open to the shareholders and shareholders are encouraged to participate.  Board meetings are usually scheduled the third Friday of every month at the main office.  Shareholders wishing to attend should call the office to confirm. 



President -                  Scott Brazil             (Pueblo County)

Vice President -         Keith Beattie          (Eastern County)

Director -                      Pete LaBarre          (Fountain Creek)

Director -                    David Kitch            (Eastern County)

Director -                    Mark Morley              (Pueblo County)



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General Manager -    Kevin Niles

Adminstrative Assistant - Nicole (Niki) Fowler

Excelsior Ditch Rider -   Bill Lamorris



Office Location - 27050 E Hwy 50 (Unit B2)   Pueblo, Colorado 81006

Telephone:                  (719) 948-2150  

Fax:                              (719) 948-2167


General Manager Email: