The Excelsior Ditch diverts water from the Arkansas River east of Pueblo, just off of Baxter Rd.  It has two decrees allowing it to divert 60cfs of flow when in priority. 

Seeing the value in owning a long term source of augmentation water the members of AGUA chose to purchase shares in the Excelsior Irrigating Company first in 1998 and then in 2003 .  AGUA is now the majority shareholder of the Excelsior holding just over 53% of the total shares.

To make the water usable for augmentation it must go through specific processes dictated by the Colorado Division of Water Resources and Water Court.  It is diverted at Baxter road, measured where it crosses 36th lane, then it is either released back to the river at an augmentation station or sent to recharge ponds close to the Pueblo Army Depot where the water slowly percolates back to the aquifer.  By going through this process the water can then be used to augment member pumping.

The Excelsior provides AGUA members with a stable source of water in most years. Additionally the Excelsior has the potential to become a revenue source as several storage reservoirs are developed on Excelsior lands and the ditch is used to transport water to them.